Oct 8 Rescheduled AH Work Day again

The workday planned for Friday September 21st, is once again cancelled. Looks like a big storm, should be some great waves if you are in the area.  We will reschedule for October 8th.

We are rescheduling our first Annual workday for Friday Sept. 21st at 9:00 AM. Preferred tools will be nippers, hedge cutters and hand saws. Let me know if you have power tools you want to use and I will find you a job. We will meet at the Clubhouse overflow parking lot, to have a short safety discussion and then proceed to work areas.

Proposed areas this time;

  • S-curve near the cart path (visibility trimming),
  • Madeline Trail drainage clearing,
  • Hidden Lane, (nipping and trimming the shoulders), and
  • Oak ridge extension, past Bear Paw (general cleanup).

If necessary we will have a second date of Monday October 8th which is Columbus Day and follows Applefest weekend.

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